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Stølsheimen can be reached from many directions and using many different means of transport. If you are planning on taking a trip into the protected area, a car is often the easiest, but you can also reach many place by bus and by boat. Accommodation is available that suits everyone’s taste, from the highest of standards to the simplest of tourist cabins.




Stølsheimen verneområdestyre
Statsforvaltaren i Vestland
Njøsavegen 2
6863 Leikanger, Norway
E: sfvlpost@statsforvalteren.no



Title Address Description
Ortnevik 71, 5962 Bjordal, Norge
Fæle 20, 6893 Vik i Sogn, Norge
Mo sentrum, Mo, Norge
Fv344 14, 5728 Eidslandet, Norge
Unnamed Road, 5962 Bjordal, Norge

Buses from many parts of the country

There are daily bus departures from Oslo, Bergen and Sogndal that stop in Vik, Modalen, Nordeide and Voss. Local buses can then take you further on to many of the nice starting points that lead into Stølsheimen.


Nor-Way bus express



Express boat from Bergen

During the summer, it is possible to take the express boat from Bergen to Nordeide and Vik.



Boat from Nordeide to Ortnevik and Vik

There is a scheduled boat service between Nordeide and Vik that stops in Ortnevik and several of the roadless hamlets on the south side of Sognefjorden. Visitors can disembark at the isolated hamlets on the south side of Sognefjorden. Seeing as this boat does not operate every day, it is a good idea to plan a trip that runs over several days.


Ortnevik – Nordeide

Boat on the fjord.

By car

Driving by car is the easiest way to reach a starting point that leads into Stølsheimen. There are many roads that visitors can take in order to reach the area.

From Bergen

If you are driving from Bergen, you can exit the E16 at Dale and drive towards Eksingedalen and Modalen, or you can exit the E39 in Romarheimsdalen in order to reach Modalen. If you continue on the E16, you will reach Voss and Vinje. At Vinje, you can take the road over the Vikafjellet mountains on highway 13 in order to reach Vik and Arnafjorden.

If you are planning a trip to Ortnevik, you can exit the E16 in Oppedal and drive along the fjord on county road 5586, or exit at Matre and drive along county road 5442 over the mountains and down to the fjord on county road 5586.

From Oslo

From Oslo, visitors can either drive along highway 50, take the Hol-Aurland mountain pass, or drive over the Hardangervidda mountain plateau on highway 7. You then arrive at Voss and Vinje and may continue on to Vik or Modalen.

From Sogndal

If you drive via Sogndal, you can take highway 13 to Hella, then the ferry over to Vangsnes and continue on the highway to Vik.


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