Stølsheimen Protected Landscape borders Sognefjorden, the world’s longest fjord. However, only the fjord arm of Finnafjorden is located in the protected area. It is an untouched natural gem that is home to two roadless hamlets. If you are lucky, you might catch a glimpse of a harbor porpoise or a harbor seal in the fjord.




Stølsheimen verneområdestyre
Statsforvaltaren i Vestland
Njøsavegen 2
6863 Leikanger, Norway



Approximately halfway along the fjord is a narrow strait. This is where Finden farm is located, the only farm within the protected landscape that is still in operation. This is where Synnøve Finden grew up, one of the most famous cheese producers in Norway.

If you continue on to the end of the fjord arm, you will eventually reach Finnabotnen. Surrounded by steep mountains, Finnabotnen has a guesthouse where visitors can book overnight accommodation. The owners have plans of turning it into a hotel, but they currently rent out the whole house that can accommodate 18 guests. There are nice hiking opportunities from Finnabotnen to Botnastølen and further up Fagerdalen valley into the mountains of Stølsheimen.

There is no scheduled boat service to Finnabotnen. There is, however, the possibility of booking a private boat trip or paddling your own kayak. Vik, Ortnevik and Arnafjorden are all good starting points for well-planned kayak trips. Please note that there are strong currents both in and out of the fjord that are caused by high and low tides. Visitors can quickly find themselves exposed to the elements, especially when paddling across Sognefjorden and at the point where the two fjords meet. Therefore, make sure you study the weather forecast carefully before setting off on a trip in a kayak or an open boat.